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BC-Services K.K. | Specialists in Security, Risk and Compliance Management

Welcome to the BC-Services Portal

BC-Services K.K. (BCS) is a leading provider of business Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Security management solutions. In spite of the focus on core services, we’re a full-service shop that does it all, from research through implementation. We work in partnership with our clients and they lead us to where they need help the most. We reduce costs, automate process conformance, drive business results and enhance your status as a trusted business. Founded in 2000, BCS has gained the trust of organizations worldwide with the tools they need to conduct entire GRC activities which includes monitoring, managing, and sustaining adherence to policies and regulations while reducing costs, enterprise risk, and complexity.

    Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, in context

There are a number of key business processes that help companies achieve control and manage their companies. While there are many activities and functions that contribute to the overall running and performance of a company, some of these critical functions require the synergistic advantage of an integrated approach; the creation of a whole that is far more than merely the sum of its parts.

Governance is the culture, values, mission, structure and layers of policies, processes and measures by which a company is directed and controlled. Risk Management, in this context, is the measure of the likelihood of something happening that will have an effect on achieving business objectives; most importantly, but not exclusively, an adverse effect and therefore follows the systematic application of processes and structures that enable an organization to identify, evaluate, analyze, optimize, monitor, improve, or transfer risk while communicating risk and risk decisions to stakeholders. The overriding goal of risk management is to realize potential opportunities while managing adverse effects of risk. Compliance is the act of adhering to, and the ability to demonstrate adherence to, mandated requirements defined by laws and regulations, as well as voluntary requirements resulting from contractual obligations and internal policies. » Read More


pic 4Business is personal. We treat it that way. Value is important. We make sure our work for clients always contains a good measure.

Risk management, compliance, security etc. are not one off matters, and so BC-Services has developed the concept of holistic end-to-end services for its clients. Our people are focused on your needs and deliver integrated business solutions. » Read More



knifeBC-Services is committed to sharing our wealth of knowledge on the challenges organizations are facing and how they can best address and overcome them to become more successful. To that end, we’re pleased to offer a variety of resources that provide timely insights related to risk management, security, internal audit and industry-specific issues, among many other areas. Our online library offers access to survey reports, white papers, operational guidance, regulatory updates and newsletters, as well as presentations and webinar recordings. » Read More